YUKI MIYATA From JAPAN - 200 hour Yoga TTC in August 2014
This course was really a wonderful experience for me. After the course, I could really feel changes in me and my behavior. Before, I use to get angry very easily. But, as for now I have gained enough control over my anger. My  thought for Yoga before was only restricted to physical exercise like normally people think. But, After studying Yoga theory classes here which are based on pure ancient traditions , I understood Yoga is much more than this…It goes beyond physical fitness to deep within us…
It is an answer for all the questions of our life. It is a real way to study about what life is and how to live a happy life.
I want to thank all teachers of Om Yoga who helped me and cooperated with me in my practices.

4.5 out of 5 star




AYAKA UOZUMI From JAPAN - 200 hour Yoga TTC in August 2014.         

Before here, I had attended the Yoga classes in some another centre in Rishikesh. But, the teacher who taught me Yoga there disheartened me morally. I was really disappointed there. But, as now I have completed my course here, I could see that how nicely the teachers have cooperated with me and supported me morally. They helped me to gain self- confidence and also helped me in each and every step which I was unable to follow.. And the result is that Asanas which I was unable to do in the beginning, now I can do them very easily and much better. I would like to thanks the team of Om yoga Center for making me feel comfortable here…And, it will be my immense pleasure to come here and attend the further courses again.."

4.5 out of 5 star


KOSUKE SAWBE From JAPAN - 200 hour Yoga TTC in August 2014

By profession, I am a cook and I didn’t knew anything about Yoga before coming here. But, now after completion of this course, I have gained much knowledge on Yoga. I felt extremely good after completing the course..And, now I want to make my profession as Yoga only and want to come here further for the advance course… All thanks to the team of Om Yoga center.."

4.2 out of 5 star




AYA UEHA From JAPAN - 500 hour Yoga TTC in October 2016

First It was a little bit hard for me because I was a beginner and I couldn't understand their English well(as I'm Japanese) but teachers kept to have efforts to tell me Yoga properly. This is the best part of here. So I could keep trying a lot with sufficient motivation. I knew Yoga as just exercising, but they teached me beyond it. 

I could say I became better and healthier , physically and mentally. Above all, teachers have truly Yoga mind and they have good relationships each other. So I believe them and Yoga which is taught by them properly.
Thank you for all you've done for me.
"Practice makes a man perfect"
"Don't forget to smile today"


5 out of 5 star


SAKI TAKAGI From JAPAN - 300 hour Yoga TTC in Feb 2017
Ashram is located at such a peaceful place that I was so overwhelmed by my stay at such a pleasant place. Rooms are so clean and spacious and well-ventilated. Food provided is  fresh and hygienic and purely sattvic food. All people staying here are so kind and cooperative.

Regarding my Yoga experience, before I didn’t know correctly what is Yoga? For me it was not more than exercise. But now, after completing the course, I can say clearly ,”Yoga is life” because yoga focuses on our body and mind and more than that, inner self.
At last, I can only say that my life changed, and sparked by understanding Yoga, and meeting so nice Yoga teachers of OmYoga.

4.8 out of 5 star


MARI YOKOMAKU From JAPAN - 200 hour Yoga TTC in Feb 2017

I have completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course here. I really liked the yogic philosophy taught here. It helped me change my mental attitude. Language used is easy to understand and each and every question is answered properly. In the beginning, I felt little tired in taking practical class and also taking theory class was little difficult for me. But as the time passed, my interest starting increasing gradually. And now at present, I want to study more and more Yoga and practice it daily.
 Asanas teacher is quite good. The teacher never gives up in making student do asana and motivates the students to do. Because of that, i felt like to do asana more and more. 

4.8 out of 5 star



YUKI YAMAMOTO From JAPAN - 500 hour Yoga TTC in October 2017                                           

I completed 500 hour Yoga TTC course in Nov,2017. I had been suffering from disease for 5years, and due to this, i underwent so much stress. I was mentally and physically exhausted. However, after this course, I truely accept this disease and have no stress for having it. The situation is same, but the way i face is totally different. Not only disease, anything can come in our lives, but if we deal with it with relaxed mind, instead of with tension or anxiety, we actualy know how to cope with it very positively and nicely. That much knowledge we have inside. We just need to realize by seeing inside of ourselves. This course taught me how to make my life calm and positive in anytime. I feel i am really lucky to study here, where teachers helped me realize the most important things in my life.


5 out of 5 star


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