OM YOGA – believes in making complete and perfect Yoga Instructor acc. to Yoga of Indian Traditiion. So, if you are looking for becoming a complete and perfect Yoga instructor, then you are at a right place. Yoga which was born in India in Sanskrit language many centuries before whose date and time cannot be specified as it is present since the beginning of this universe, whose base was Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga written in Patanjali Yog Darshan, Hatha Yog Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Siva Samhita etc. is a very deep knowledge like an ocean. It is so deep that nothing in this world is impossible with Yoga. The impossible word here signifies whatever requirements human being has in this world like respect, position, health, wealth, success, love, beauty, fearless, physically and mentally strong, peace, bliss, in overall all achievements on this planet that human being wants to have , there is nothing that cannot be achieved through Yoga.  There is no word like Impossible with Yoga because Yoga means UNION which means becoming one. And this is practically experienced by our Yogis. And this is the reason why people travel to India to study Yoga specifically as India has gained its special position in this world with the name of Yoga, and has also been declared as, ”World Guru”.
But, we can see that in this present time there are more than thousands of Yoga centres all over the India who say that they teach Yoga but seeing in reality, we can feel and see that traditional yoga is getting lost because modern people who are coming forth in this field themselves have no actual understanding about Yoga as they cannot study Sanskrit language so, unable to understand real Yoga. So, these people have restricted the meaning of Yoga only to Asanas. After Asanas, people do not go beyond because they do not there is something beyond this also. Which is totally wrong. Yoga is something different. It is a complete path in itself. Asanas is just one part of Yoga but not a complete path. So, it can be seen Yoga has just become a fun in present time. If we talk to people for Yoga, they have only two things to speak about, one is regarding Asanas and another how to cure diseases that is therapy. Nothing beyond this. So, it is very pathetic to see how Yoga is loosing its real meaning.


We, here at Om Yoga focus on this real Indian Traditional Yoga along with Sanskrit language present the same to people in English.(we have facilities for the translator for those people who have problem in understanding English). We have different Yoga Certified Courses at our centre starting from 50 hrs to 100hrs, fromm 200 to 300 to 500hrs. This makes our place unique place to study Yoga which is rarely available in other places. And we have succeded in achieving 99% results in spreading this knowledge. Our students feel this thing after they come to Om Yoga. They say that they had no idea Yoga is something beyond asanas also. They understand the real meaning of Yoga here and specially come to teach Traditional Yogic concepts here with us. And feel happy while they leave the centre. Our Traditional Yogic concepts help them in changing their life and come out of stress. For more info, you can visit our page of STUDENT REVIEWS
We can see that present time has become a very struggle full time for human being to survive on this planet because of increasing competition and desires and instability in relationships and emotions. To fulfil his desires and to be ahead in the race of competition, he is working day to night to achieve that and has just become like a machine where he has just forgotted the words like happiness, joy, calmness, relaxation etc.. But still when he is unable to fulfil his desires, he feels unsatisfied. Because if seen in reality, there is no end to desires. Desires are unlimited and no one ever can make the desires fulfilled. But we never understand this and are keen on fulfilling them. And when unable to fulfil, feel sad and unsatisfied, Because of that he gets demoralized and turns negative. This negative thinking then brings him under peer pressure feeling himself responsible for not being able to do what he wants. This then results in a lot of stress, tension, depression and anxiety. Now, when he is full of stress and anxiety, unable to sleep properly, then to come out of all this, he chooses an other path to make mind calm. For that, he starts taking a drink, smoke, drugs etc... Slowly and gradually, he becomes addicted to all this. The result of all this is that the person then suffers physically also. Because this path is not a permanent and correct way to get out of stress. But, because of lack of understanding at that time, he is unable to understand all this. So, he suffers from physical and mental illness. And hence his entire life is ruined.
We, here with the help of Asanas and Pranayama help the person to recover from physical illness and become physically strong and is a preparation for becoming mentally strong. And with the help of our Yogic Philosophy, we help to recover from mental illness by changing the perspective of thinking for life. This helps them to have a positive look at life AND BE HAPPY and real solution to all the problems of life by his own. So, he becomes mentally strong. And we are happy to say that we have achieved 100% results in this. Because students who come to study at our centre, have experienced it and benefitted from this and have learned the, ”ART OF LIVING” at our centre. This is what is real Yoga, that teaches us ART OF LIVING.
So, if you are really looking for this studies of real Yoga, you are invited to join us and get benefitted and spread the real knowledge to others also. Studying here helps you to gain more confidence at your knowledge and spread the right and useful knowledge amongst others.

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