Yogini KM Monika Ji

Yogini KM Monika Ji

Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy & Therapist Trainer

Monika Ji, born in Vinaypur(Dist. Baghpat, U.P), residing in Rishikesh since 2017. Her Career Objective is to work as a dedicated and innovative Yoga Trainer or therapist. Interested in leveraging her skill and knowledge for Yoga teacher, therapist or researcher postion to inspire peoplein achieving fitness and health.

She has qualified her UGC NET and JRF and completed her MA in Yoga from Dev Sanskriti VishwaVidyalya with 1st divison in the year 2017.  Also, she has compelted RYT200 course. She has studied Traditional Yoga, Yoga practical - Yogasanas, Pranyama , Mudras, Bandhas, Meditation, Relaxation Technique, Yogasanas series - Surya Namaskara, Pragya Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa etc.. Along woth this, she also has studied Scientific & Philosophical explanation of Yogic Sciences with Samkhya and other philosophies. She has studied Yoga therapy, Naturopathy & Alternative Therapies too. 

She has a 4 years of Teaching experience as a Yoga Therapist.

In Om Yoga centre, she serves as a Yoga Philsophy, Anatomy & Therapy, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Trainer.

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