Yogi Radhika Sharan Ji

Yogi Radhika Sharan Ji

E-RYT 500; Hatha Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation & Prenatal Teacher

Radhika Sharan Ji born in village Ishapur, Dist. Badayun(in U.P) deals mainly in traditional Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga. Personally, he has self-interest  in Pranayama and meditation; many people are inspired by his pranyama & meditation classes and his spiritual teachings.  There is Shri Hari Baba ashram near his village at the bank of Ganges where he used to go to attend satsang. Since his childhood, he had a lot of interest in spirituality making him different from the other children around him. Not so satisfied from his this life and desire to know himself; once he got an opportunity. One day, his Guruji Harekrishan Brahamchariji had came to Haribaba ashram, coming to know about his arrival, he went to his Guruji and said him i want to go along with you and stay at your Vrindavan ashram. So his Guruji took him along with to Vrindavan. At that time he was only 14years age when he left his parents, family and his village where he never returned again. This was the first journey of  his spiritual path. Here he stayed for 7 years and practised Bhakti Yoga(Yoga of devotion) as Vrindvan is the place of Lord krishna where bhakti(devotion) resides in every corner of this place. Here he studied Srimad Bhagwad Geeta and Srimad Bhagwat Mahapurana. 

But still not completely satisfied as unable to get answers of his questions which always came in his mind regarding an inquistiveness to know the truth of this life, concept of birth & death, know our origin, our real purpose of coming onto this earth and so on many such questions always came in his mind. So, he planned to travel to Haridwar to get answers for his questions.

In 2003, he travelled to Haridwar. There he met one lady who was one of the important person in his life because she helped him in his spiritual journey as she introduced him to one of the great spiritual renounced master, Swami Sachidanand Rishiji. He studied his entire Vedanta studies from him starting from March 2003 to 27th Feb 2010. Also studied Upanishads from him and some other texts. Meanwhile he was also taking discourses on these texts for the people who followed him. As his Vedanta studies were about to get over, his guruji advised him that now you have studied enough, now it is the time to implement this entire knowledge in your life and start your next journey to experience all this. For this, you have to start with Pranasamyamana Yoga. With this inspiration from his guruji, once he got a chance to visit Bangalore, there he stayed at Art of Living Ashram, where he joined one of their Advance level course. This course changed his way of thinking in many ways and made him experience many things in practical way. After returning back to Haridwar, he held some yoga sessions for the people of his ashram and some other people.  So, now he want to teach Yoga to more people worldwide. That time one person told him that in order to teach Yoga worldwide, you should get yourself certified as an international yoga instructor. So, here he got introduced to hour level of Yoga Teacher Training.

To get this licnese, he went to Mysore and completed his Yoga Teacher Training and understood this process. 

So in 2012, he opened Om Yoga International and got it registered from Govt. of India & World Yoga Alliance which is organised by Adhyatam Anusandhan Yog Trust, Charitable Non-profit organisation founded in the year 2010 by Radhika Sharan ji, himself. 

Held his first course in his Haridwar ashram, later opened another branch of Om Yoga in Puri(Odisha, eastern part of India). And then, after sometime opened another branch in Rishikesh. So, Om Yoga Centre is at 3 places: Haridwar, Rishikesh & Puri. 

His main aim is to help people change their thinking and create a society free from stresses and violence. And make the life a happier place to stay in. Also, in future he has a plan to set up another yog ashram where free yoga and spiritual teachings be imparted to the people who have great interest in spirituality located in hills in forest area surrounded by lush green trees and fields.

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