Ruchika Sharan Ji

Ruchika Sharan Ji

E-RYT500 & RPYT; Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy , Prenatal & Postnatal Teacher

Ruchika Sharan Ji born in Punjab, currently residing in Rishikesh has been practising Yoga since her early age. 

Since her childhood she had been practising Bhakti Yoga and had been studying some of ancient texts(Puranas) with her Grandfather regularly. She had been a very bright and intelligent student in her school life . Being very disciplined child in her life, not having interests like other children, she always preferred company of her own rather than getting mixed up with her friends around. She had been an introverted child since her childhood. But she was never able to understand her purpose of life at that life.

Her Grandfather had been one of the main person in her life leading her to the destiny which she was made for.  Her life took a turn when once she got an opportunity to attend a spiritual Satsang in Haridwar organised by her family in 2008, this event really changed her life. This event was like a spark in her life which transformed her life completely. At that time, she has enetered her college life but after coming back from that event to her normal life, she was not her own. She started studying Bhagwad Geeta and Vedanta texts from her Guruji at the age of 16. From the 24hours, majority of hours would go in studying these texts and thinking about them. 

Then in 2009, she got an another opportunity to attend Art of Living Basic Yoga Course, this course again changed her thinking. She started becoming more practical in her life. And started to see happiness in small things in her life.

Later in 2012, she went to Bangalore and there she attended some more Yoga courses at Art Of Living Ashram. these courses influenced her life and then later in 2013 , she joined TTC200hour course at Pranava Yog Dhama in Mysore. Soon after completion of this course, she started teaching Yoga professionally. 

She and Radhika Sharan ji jointly opened Om Yoga International. Of which, she is a Co-Founder and Lead Trainer. 

When she started teaching Yoga(basically her main subject is Philosophy , Pranayama & Meditation), she was surprised to see majority of the people had no interest in studying Philosophy, and they used to think Yoga as Asanas. And needed only Asanas in the courses. This made her think about how yoga is loosing its originality in this time. So she started focusing more on philosophy trying to make it connect with our own practical life. 

Now, currently she has undertaken many Yoga courses and many people specially are coming in the centre to study philosophy(real essence of Indian Yoga). She has a good knowledge  and has been teaching  Patanjali Yog Sutras(Traditional Ashtanga Yoga), Hatha Yoga, Bhagwad Geeta, Upanishads and Vedanta studies. Along with this, she loves to do Pranayama & Meditation, many people have been deeply affected by her teachings. She has managed to change life of many people by her studies, many people turned vegetarian from non-vegetarian, and started undertsand Spirituality and practise in their life.

Along with this, she also takes sessions of Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, Yoga for Oldage, Kundalini Yoga.

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