Miss. Anna Buritova Ji

Miss. Anna Buritova Ji

Pranayama & Meditation Trainer, Russian & Spanish Translator

Miss. Anna Buritoava is 33 years old, originally from Russia but generally lives in Spain, Ibiza(stayed in Spain for nearly 12years). She travelled 12 different countries on her way to India from Spain. She came here to do 30 days Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course. But later after finishing the course, planned to stay at Om Yoga and work with us. 

How she planned to choose her line of Yoga, to this Anna ji says," At my previous work, I had to spend a lot of time sitting, embroidering wedding dresses in a fashion atelier; and I wanted to stay in shape, so I did some asanas for back pain release. I liked it then. Before working, I went to the Kundalini Center in Barcelona. I felt alive! But when I moved to a small Balearic Island Ibiza, there was only one particular place for Kundalini Classes and it was far away from my home, so I decided to study Kundalini Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, India for my self-practice.

So, i travelled to Rishikesh. It was my second time in Rishikesh, I came here before for the Himalayas trekking, this time the purpose of my trip to India was studying Kundalini yoga

How I Came to know about Om Yoga and why I choose to join Om Yoga?:  One morning I went to the Ganges bank to do my morning meditation I was coming back to my hotel and the poster of “Om Yoga” saying “Kundalini TTC” called my attention, I wanted to know more about the place located in heart of Laxman Jhula, so I went up and felt very peaceful vibes in the premises of ashram. My first impression when I came to the Ashram for the first time and I saw the spacious rooms; I felt very good energy there and I even didn’t want to go to other places because the way I felt there was enough for me. And my intuition didn’t cheat me. Another reason why I decided to stay there was because of a beautiful view from a rooftop. This is how i came across Om Yoga and met the people of centre there. And this is from where my another journey with Om Yoga started and ofcourse i came here to do course but later planned to stay here itself."

Her views about Meditation:

For me, meditating means being focused on what I'm doing at a certain moment, and not thinking about what I'm going to cook for lunch or where I'm going on vacation. My Kundalini yoga teacher used to say that you can meditate when you are doing an asana. You are involved in the process, you observe your breath and body, the mind is released, it becomes calm, clarity appears in your mind, you just observe the things as they are without judging. Sometimes there is a problem, and you think, think, and cannot solve.  You need to let go, focus on something else, tune in to the other frequencies. All unnecessary goes away, the mind becomes clear like a lake, you see the bottom, and a solution comes. It is not necessary for this to go to a cave or other secluded place - you can go there, and your thoughts will still be with you.

What I understood thanks to yoga: I realized that there is more energy, self-confidence,love and self-acceptance. I realized that when I began to change physically, I began to change internally, changes began to occur in other areas of my life. I used to avoid calling my mother for years and now I call her almost everyday and send her messages. I began to understand myself better. At the same time, it became easier for me to communicate with others. Before It was difficult for me, I felt anti-social, introverted. When you live yoga as a lifestyle, you learn to feel your body, to be here and now. To understand that happiness, is here, is happening at the moment. The universe is like opening a door for you. You suddenly think that there is air and you can breathe it as much as you want, there is nature and you can enjoy its gifts, you feel that the earth itself loves you, you are a part of it. Faith appears. And even if something bad happens, you know that it will pass, you need to go through this stage, after it there will be another. This awareness helps you experience peace and joy every day.




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