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Photo Name City Level ID No. Member Since
Miyaki Shinichiroh Gifu, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/21 28-Oct-2015
Neeraj Kumar Bodhgaya, India 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/22 28-Oct-2015
Sayaka Kosugi Shizuoka, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/23 28-Oct-2015
Huang Siying Dist. Guangzhon, China 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/24 28-Oct-2015
Yamazaki Harue Tsukuba, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/25 26-Dec-2015
Miho Matsuoka Kita – Akita, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/26 09-Feb-2016
Mio Tsuchihashi Iwate, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/27 01-Apr-2016
Tanaka Yukiko Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/28 01-Apr-2016
Mitsuhiro Tsutsui Tokyo, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/29 01-Apr-2016
Mai Tomi Osaka, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/30 01-Apr-2016

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