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Photo Name City Level ID No. Member Since
Yuki Miyata Hyogo, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/01 25-Aug-2014
Ayaka Uozumi Gifu, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/02 25-Aug-2014
Prakash Kumar Gochhi Puri, Odisha, India 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/03 25-Aug-2014
Kosuke Sawabe Ishikawa, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/04 25-Aug-2014
Veena Jain Haridwar, India 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/05 05-Oct-2014
Divyanand Saraswati Haridwar, India 200hr Yoga TTC and Reiki Level -1 WS1001/06 05-Oct-2014
Prabha Niraula Haridwar, India 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/07 05-Oct-2014
Chiyoko Hosoda Tokyo, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/08 20-Nov-2014
Hashimoto Keita Wakayama ken, Japan 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/09 20-Nov-2014
Kayuki Shimizu Wakayama ken 200hr Yoga TTC WS1001/10 20-Nov-2014