30 Days 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh & Haridwar, India

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30 Days 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh & Haridwar, India

Available all year round
  • ATraining Language : Sanskrit, Hindi, English , Japanese
  • spoon Total Cost includes Course & Certification Fee, 30 Days / 29 Nights Accomodation, 3 times Meal

Hatha Yoga TTC

800 USD, 55000 INR

Price for

30 days/ 29 nights



NOTE: We also provide with EMI Facility for credit card (ICICI, HDFC, HSBC, Axis, Standard Chatrered, Yes, Kotak, Ratnakar Bank ) for indians who want to undergo the course at our centre.

Om Yoga International is an internationally recognized organisation. This is a world class training organization perfect for those looking for physically healthy body and mental development to maintain happiness, peace and harmony in their life. After successfully completing the Yoga Teacher Training program, the certificate provided is valid all over the world for you to begin your new calling!
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course has a duration of total 30days (4 weeks). This path is for those who are physically more strong and are ready to handle physically challenges. 

Hatha Yoga is said to have been introduced by Swami Swatmarama in his text, Hatha Yog Pradipika and later by Rishi Gheranda in his text, Gheranda Samhita. The word ‘Ha’ means Sun(Right nadi - Pingala), ‘Tha’ means Moon(left nadi - Ida). 
Hatha yoga is the science of bringing balance between  Pingala(right side) and Ida(left side). It is the science of activating the third, central nadi- Sushumna - which is the path to enlightenment.
The word Hatha means ,”forceful”. Hatha yoga is stretching your boundaries a little bit. We define our boundaries and stay there. Hatha yoga says, okay stretch a little bit. Extend your boundary, little by little.”
Hatha yoga begins with exertion. Your body may say, “That’s it, I can do no more.” Or your mind may groan, “Yoga? Oh no not again!” But you stay determined. You just do it. Every time you come out of your comfort zone little by little and reach the path.


1.   Asanas Practice acc. to Hatha Yoga 2.   Pranayama Practice acc. to Hatha Yoga(with the help of Kumbhaka - Retention)
3.   Bandhas and Mudras 4.   Shatkriyas - Six Cleansing Actions
5.   Study of entire Hatha Yog Pradipika(as given by Swami Swatmarama) 6.   Study of Gheranda Samhita(as given by Rishi Gheranda)
7.   Advanced Meditation Techniques like Nada Anusandhan etc..    



1.   What is Hatha Yoga? 2.   Difference In Ashtanga Yog and Hatha Yog
3,   Begining of Hatha Yog Pradipika 4.   Study of Different Asanas(Swastik asana, Gomukhasana,Virasana, Kurmaasana, Kukuttaasana, Uttana Kurmasana, Dhanurasana,     Matsyasana, Paschimottanasna, Mayurasana, Savasana, Siddhasana, Padmasana, Simhasana and Bhadrasana etc.. )
5.   Food Injurious To Yogi 6.   Things Suitable to Yogi
7.   Concept of Pranayama 8.   Method of performing Pranayama
9.   Concept of 6 Cleansing Processes(Shatkriyas): Neti, Kapalbhati, Trataka, Nauli, Dhauti and Basti 10.   Gajakarani, Manonmani
11.   Different kinds of Kumbhaka 12.   Diiferent Kinds of Pranayama(Bhastrika, Anulom Viloma,Surya Bhedana, Chandra Bhedana, Ujjai, Sitali, Sitkari, Bhramri, Murchana and Plavini)
13.   Indication of Sucess in this path 14.   Concept of different Mudras
15.   Mahamudra,Mahabhandha, Mahavedha 16.   Viparitkarni, Sahajoli, Vajroli, Amaroli and Sakti Calana
17.   Concept of Samadhi 18.   Sambhavi Mudra
19.   Unmani 20.   Taraka
21.   Initial Stages and its conditions 22.   Later Stages
23.   Nada Anusandhana(Meditation Technique) 24.   Begining of Gheranda Samhita
25.  Concept of Shatkarmas(for Purification) 26.   Concept of Asanas(for strengthening)
27.   Concept of Mudras for steadying 28.   Concept of Pratyahara for calming
29.   Concept of Pranayama for lightness 30.  Concept of Dhyana for lightness
31.   Concept of Samadhi for isolation 32.   Hatha Yoga as an integrated approach to Yoga therapy


Vedant Ashram In Rishikesh-Haridwar located on the banks of Ganga river is an ideal place for stay. The ashram is constructed in 30,000sq,feet. We have total 52 rooms in our ashram along with a garden, 2 Yoga halls, Physiotherapy hall and Panchkarma hall. The accommodation is facilitated with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi connection. 
The rooms are equipped with double beds, air-conditioning,Wi-Fi connection, tea/coffee kettle, hot and cold shower and towels. Note All rooms in our ashram are shared with the same gender. Mother and daughter or wife and husband can share their rooms. 

During this yoga training, you will be served with three daily delicious and healthy vegetarian meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Filtered water, herbal tea, and snacks are also available. The menu is creative and balanced with proteins so you feel full and satisfied. 
The following meals are included:
•    Breakfast
•    Lunch
•    Dinner
•    Snacks
•    Drinks(Filtered Water, Herbal Tea, Milk Tea, Coffee)

Things to do (optional, not included):
•    Full Body Massage
•    Steam Bath, Hip Bath
•    Panch Karma
•    Shirodhara
•    Shopping
•    Visit nearby temples and shrines

1. Course fee and Participation Certification fee  1. Airfare
2. 29 nights' accommodation cost 2. Airport transfers
3. Daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Filtered Water, Tea, Coffee and Snacks 3. Additional meals and activities                                                                    
4. Wi-Fi connection 4. Personal expenses

How To Get There? 
Arrival by Airplane:
Please book your flight to arrive at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request. 
Yoga Center can pick you up if you send your flight details in advance. From the airport, you can take a domestic flight to Dehradun Airport (DED). Another option is to book your flight directly to arrive at Dehradun Airport (DED).
Arrival by Bus:
Buses to Haridwar-Rishikesh leave New Delhi from the Kashmiri Gate national bus stand approximately every hour. The bus ride takes about 6-8 hours and costs around 450-650 INR for air conditioned buses and 250-350 INR for buses without air conditioning.
Arrival by Train:
The best option is to reach Haridwar Junction railway station, is by road on a driven taxi or the so called tuktuks. From Delhi, the train ride takes approximately 5-7 hours, depending on the train. Haridwar is serviced by many trains from and to Delhi.
Arrival by Taxi:
Taxis are always available anywhere in India. The drive from Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) to Haridwar-Rishikesh will take around six hours depending on the traffic conditions.

Cancellation Policy: 
•    A reservation requires a deposit of 25% of the total price.
•    The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
•    The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

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