Our Mission


Om Yoga International aims at providing the, ”Way To Successful Living Through Yoga And Meditation”.
We have designed some special yogic programs that teach effective and practical techniques for physical, mental and emotional well-being. We try to rekindle the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation that is relevant for the people in 21st century. In this present time, because of increase of modern facilities, need of earning more money has increased. Because of this, person suffers from peer pressure to meet these needs by working day and night. So, suffers from stress. He is unable to balance his physical and mental level. Almost he has forgotted the word of peace and relaxation . In this life, he has become machine and works like mechanic. But the reality is that how much a person works, still he is unable to fulfill all his requirements, desires. Because of that he becomes de-motivated in his life and then suffers rom negativity and as a result, become victim of tension, depression. And slowly and steadly he looses hope of living and thereby, destroys his entire life.
We at Om Yoga design such programs that changes the thinking of person from negativity to positivity, de-motivation to motivation, stress and depression to happiness,, In overall, all our programs aim at Successful living by practicing Yoga and Meditation. For this, we have designed some special programs like, Teach Yourself Yoga, Happiness Programs, Personality Development, Way of Living Program and so on.
I am happy to say that since previous many years, we have taught more than thousands of people this studies, and have gained success in this. Our students feel relaxed after coming to our ashram and spending time, taking classes of Yoga and finds a new meaning to life. And returns back to their home with a new hope of thought.
This is our mission to spread this knowledge worldwide to the needy people.


  • Hostels are run for deprived children of all communities; drug addicted persons, abnormal people suffering from diseases etc and we are making attempt to eradicate the evils through implementation of Yogic Techniques.
  • Are providing old age homes to who are neglected by their families or have no family, for these people we provide physical, mental and medical facilities. In other words, are taking initiative to provide the facilities to such people which a person requires at this age.
  • To conduct seminars at different state, national and international levels to propagate about Yoga Techniques and also researches on Yoga and its latest techniques.
  • We impart qualitative yoga training to the unemployed youth of our community so as they are fit to get suitable post in various Cultural Departments of Govt. or in Private Sectors as Yoga Trainer/Yoga Instructor.  
  • To coordinate and integrate the concepts and activities in various schools of Yoga and for that purpose coordinate with other institutions within and outside India along with establishing libraries and study centers at cities and sub-urban areas to educate community.
  • To undertake, aid, promote, guide and coordinate research activities in the various aspects of Yoga, particularly its preventive, protective and curative potential for health and diseases.

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