Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India


Kundalini Yoga is said to be a part of Hatha Yoga which was introduced by Lord Shiva and further introduced by Guru Gorakhnath Ji and later Swami Swataram Ji. Till now, Kundalini Yoga was known by the name of Hatha Yoga. Further in 1968, Yogi Bhajan introduced his own brand of kundalini yoga into the United States, "Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan". But the techniques used were same as of Hatha Yoga.

Before Yogi Bhajan introduced his own way of Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga were considered to be same. People use to know Kundalini Yoga by the names of Hatha Yoga. All the techniques of Hatha Yoga focus on activating the Kundalini. And for Kundalini energy to flow freely, your body must be in harmony. The way to achieve this harmony begins with practicing Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga postures and breathing exercises promote balance in your body.

Kundalini Yoga focuses on breathing techniques and some meditation techniques to release Kundalini energy. This energy is also known as spirit energy and is sometimes also called serpent power. It resides at the base of your spine, dormant. When your body energy becomes balanced, Kundalini energy is released. This energy flows from the base of your spine up through all the chakras, energizing them as it passes. 
Kundalini yoga is one of the most spiritual types of yoga that pays a lot of emphasis on breathing, meditation and chanting. It often goes beyond the physical performance of poses but many of its sequences are also very physically intense. If you are ready for both mental and physical challenge in a yoga session then Kundalini yoga can be an ideal choice. 

Kundalini Yoga concentrates on chakras in the body in order to generate a spiritual power, which is known as kundalini. Kundalini is the potential form of prana or life force, lying dormant in our bodies.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the Yoga of Awareness. Kundalini Yoga gives you tools to expedite your spiritual growth and healing. Kundalini Yoga also provides physiological as well as psychological well-known benefits such as increased flexibility, expanded lung capacity, a strong core, and stress alleviation and much more. Below are mentioned some more benefits of Kundalini Yoga: 
1.Inner Guidance: Kundalini Yoga develops the power of the intuitive mind. When you clean out the subconscious mind and learn to listen through deep meditation, when your thoughts and feelings resonate with the soul, you can sense the guidance of intuition that is always present.
2.Protection from negativity: Kundalini Yoga practice fortifies and expands your electromagnetic field, or aura. It is the energy field that surrounds you, and that alerts you to positive and negative influences in your environment. A weak aura can let in negative influences, and even attract them. A big, strong, bright aura can protect you from negativity and keep you centered in the light of your true identity.
3.Emotional Balance and neutral mind:  Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous system, balances the glands, purifies the blood, and cleans out subconscious thought patterns. This gives you greater awareness and ability to choose how you respond to your thoughts and feelings. Through practice, you can train your mind and body not to react emotionally—not by repressing emotions, but by developing a buffer zone, a time and space in which to process and make conscious choices about your responses.
Develop the neutral mind, the place where the positive and the negative are evaluated in an instant, and you can act from that state of non-attachment, compassion, and neutrality. Act, don’t react.
4. Deep Relaxation That Heals: Kundalini Yoga practice helps you to becomes physically and mentally relaxed and also teaches you to self-heal yourself with this.
5. Befriend your soul and manifest your destiny: Kundalini Yoga gives you an experience of who you are when the grip of ego is released. It allows the depth of the soul to be felt and known. Begin to access your truth and create a strong connection to your soul and your soul’s work in this lifetime.

Kundalini Yoga is an experience of uniting the finite self with the Infinite. Once you gain this experience, you no longer have the need to look for your security outside of yourself. Your security comes from knowing who you are in relation to the Universe. You know who you are, and you can be you. You can leave the pain of past wounds behind, and manifest your soul’s destiny.

Learn Kundalini Yoga at Om Yoga International In Rishikesh – Haridwar, India

Following the ancient Indian yogic tradition, Om Yoga International offers 100 hour Kundalini Yoga course registered by World Yoga Alliance. All the activites carried at our ashram are purely sattvic that gives an atmosphere to the students to gain the essence of spirituality. Thereby, maintaining a stress free environment for our students that helps them to gain best results in a minimal time.  
We have well specialised experts for Kundalini Yoga, Mr. Radhika Sharan and Mrs. Ruchika Sharan who ensure proper guidance to all our students in a well systematical manner.  All our theoretical concepts are supported with practical.
The best benefit that one will get by doing this course from Om Yoga is personal attention from the teachers. This course we never organize in big groups. We keep small groups to give individual guidance to each and every student.

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