Om Yoga International in partnership with World Yoga Alliance, is a non-government organisation founded in the year 2010, having its head office in Haridwar, Uttarakhand with its branches in Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), Puri(Odisha) is organised by Adhyatam Anusandhan Yog Trust, a charitable organisation also founded on 29th July 2010 having its registration number: IV-426, Haridwar-Uttarakhand(India), registered under act 1961 12A and 80G act encourages charitable deeds towards the poor and needy and also offers donors tax benefits(Exampt U/S 80G of I. Tax Act 1961 Vide Letter No. C. C. 82(71)/Kar Mukti/Hdr/2010-11/Tech dt. 8/10/10 from 30/8/2010 onwards.). It was set up mainly to promote our ancient yogic traditions in a way relevant to younger generation. Our main motto is to provide people with, ”Way To Succesfull Living through Yoga and Meditation”.
In Rishikesh, our ashram is located in a very beautiful and divine place on the bank of Mother Ganga which is a very ancient ashram and is well suitable for yogic sadhana. In Haridwar, the ashrams back door opens towards the Ganga river and front door opens towards the main road which is fully surrounded by temples. Whereas in Puri, our centre is located very close to sea(just 5-10 min walking distance) . From the terrace of our centre, you can have a good view of sea.

Om Yoga International offers several Yoga Teacher Training programs based on our Indian traditional phiolosophies which helps student to know our ancient styles of yoga and also the way of living of our great rishi, munis. This helps them have a more clear understanding about the real meaning of Yoga which has just lost its true meaning in this present time. And basically, promoting this reality is our real aim. We at Om Yoga have a good training department team which is well versed about our traditional techniques. Apart from this we have a well organised system followed in our centre looking after various needs of our students as well as managing them. 


1. Radhika Saran Founder and President        Religious  Vedant Ashram, Sapt Sarovar Road, Haridwar(U.K), India
2. Harish Aggarwal          Vice-President  Business House No.133, Sector-7, Panchkula(Haryana), India
3. Rakesh Ratan Aggarwal           General Secretary Business House No.47, Sector-28A, Chandigarh, India
4. Veena Jain             Treasurer Religious House No.24, Swastik Vihar, Sector-25, Panchkula(Haryana), India
5. Ram Lubhaya Aggarwal             Secretary Business House No.C93, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India
6. Satpal Gulati Trust Member Business House No.1819, Shankar Garden, Jalandhar(Punjab), India
7. Srikant Dash Trust Member Business Santana Bhawan, C.T Road, Puri(Odisha), India
8. Parvesh Dhalla Trust Member Business Sat Nagar, Jalandhar(Punjab), India
9. Tilakraj Bhandari Trust Member Retired Modinagar, Meerut(U.P), India
10. Surinder Kumar Bajaj Trust Member Retired Ranigali, Bhupatwala, Haridwar(U.K), India



1. Radhika Saran Religious Lead Trainer of all Yoga Courses, looks after management of ashram, finance and other social activities
2. Kanhaiya Sharma Business Construction Management, Marketing, Receptionist
3. Govind Gupta Business Finance Manager, looks after income and expenses of ashram
4. Prakash Mani Bhatt Karm-Kand and Astrologer Is involved in pooja, Yajna, worshipping activities. Also performs astrology and looks after food and rooms in ashram
5. Ram Lakhan Tiwari Yoga Instructor He is a manager as well as yoga instructor of Rishikesh Ashram. Looks after management of rooms, ashram, food, kitchen and yoga classes.
6. Naoto Sakamoto Business He is a team member for yoga activities. He looks after our Japanese students. He receives and handles them, makes yoga packages for them from Japan to Japan. Along with this, he sometimes also translates the yoga classes for them.

About Om Yoga International

Borrowing the ancient yogic tradition, Om Yoga International with its main head office in Haridwar with its other branches in Rishikesh and Puri, is a center of excellence in India, for the promotion and spreading of spirituality and yogic philosophy across the world. Our focus is on the traditional studies of yogic philosophy. The center offers several courses of all the styles of yogic philosophy. During our Yoga Teacher Training, the students are given clean rooms, bedding and attached western style toilets with hot & cold water along with the facility of self-cooking also. The yoga teacher training courses given at our ashram, Vedant Ashram , which was built in 1950, with the sole purpose of carrying out only the spiritual practices. Here, Rajastic and Tamastic activities and food is extremely banned. Here, we tend to provide a complete yogic atmosphere and daily routine to our yoga students where they get a chance to learn about the real yogic and spiritual lifestyle. The ashrams back door opens towards the Ganga river and front door opens towards the main road which is fully surrounded by temples.

Evaluation of the students and their progress is done by assessing the physical and intellectual capability of each student along with their standard of living. This way, it is ensure that students are fully devoted to follow and obey all guidelines and disciplines of the yogic path.

Om Yoga International ( A Registered Yoga School ), offers Yoga Alliance,USA certified 200 – 300 – 500 Hours Hatha and Ashtanga yoga teacher Training certification courses and World Yoga Alliance certified 50 - 100 - Prenatal Yoga - Kids Yoga in  India. 


  • All courses at Om Yoga are held under the proper guidance of our expert and experienced professor, Dr. Avadhesh Mishra, who has done Ph.d in Yoga .
  • All our courses and its standards strictly follows ancient yogic tradition led by our expert experienced lead trainers .
  • At our ashram, we provide an atmosphere where our students can learn the ancient traditional structure of our yogis.
  • Personal attention and observation is given to each and every student to ensure proper guidance.
  • In case of any medical or any other personal problem, students are given full support. 
  • All our theoretical aspects are supported with practical asanas.
  • Our courss are holistic with a necessary balance of spiritual and physical focus.
  • We provide the students with a facility of connecting with us and teach yoga teacher training courses at their country by issuing a franchise from us.
  • Support to make a great career out of this course.
  • Offer a medium and chance to change your lifestyle to one that is rooted with principles.

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