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Healing Through Sound Energy

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We are going to talk about sound … and listening to sound. There is a technique in yoga which gives birth to a kind of special listening. And this kind of yoga is called Nada Yoga. But first let’s speak about the meaning of sound in our life and about its healing properties.

There are many practices and path ways to reach the subtle world, one such technique is the sound.

Sound is of two kinds the physical & the psychical. The physical sound is the sound created by the material particles. The psychical sound is the conscious effort used to generate the sound from the material particles. Each one of us possess different conscious power. We can accentuate it by more effort & use or play down our powers by non-use or misuse of the potentials. Thus we see the difference of the power of speech varies in infinite degree. Sound that which is an end product of the collaborated function of  both material & psychical helps man in the process of self transformation, healing.

Sound is everywhere. There is perpetual movement and action in the world around us, and this produces a variety of sounds, such as those coming from Nature, from animals, those generated by humans in the form of speech or music, those that are generated by vehicles, machines, gadgets that are used for comfort, leisure and convenience. What is interesting or important about Sound? Sound is an integral part of our lives. Whether we like it or not, the vibrations of these sounds reach us, not only through the hearing sense, but also by coming into contact with the physical body. The sound vibrations can affect us either positively or negatively, entering into our being, via the physical, mental and emotional realms, thereby affecting our consciousness as a whole. Therefore, while it is important, it would also be interesting, to know more about the nature of sound, how it affects us, and in what way we can harness it positively and try to reduce its negative impact on us. Sounds that we hear can be either pleasant – such as music, or unpleasant – such as noise. Music is an important aspect of sound. We listen to music of on the radio and television, and via live or recorded concerts of musicians, for entertainment. We are exposed to a variety of music, classical music, folk music or film music, and Western or Eastern music. Whatever the type, music is comprised of what are known as notes, which are tones of sounds of certain quality that help create pleasantness in the listener. Music has a positive influence in humans, plants and animals.

Sound healing can be defined as the application of sound vibrations directly into the body of an individual, to bring about a state of harmony and healing. Everything that exists, whether the thing is physical, emotional or spiritual, is the product of the movement or oscillation of energy between a positively charged pole and a negatively charged pole. This oscillation is called vibration.

These oscillations are also known as wave forms, and can travel through air and other materials, such as water. Our vocal chords create wave forms when they vibrate. Our eardrums also vibrate when sound waves come into contact with them, thus allowing us to hear sound. Another important aspect of sound healing theory has its foundation in metaphysical teachings from India concerning the chakras. These are considered to be important energy centers in the body, which link physical glands and organs in the body to other dimensions of a person such as their emotional and mental states. Each chakra is associated with different issues we face on our journey through life. Unresolved emotions or negative thoughts will cause an imbalance in the chakras. This imbalance can lead to illness… Another way to state this is that ―The energy can be blocked at any of these points and it is the task of the healer to unblock them so that the energy can flow freely. Subtle Body Theory involves the recognition that there is an energy field or auras surrounding the physical body. This field is believed to contain seven layers, which correspond to the seven chakras, each an energy center, within the human body.

The sound expressed can be categorized into alphabetical & non-alphabetical. The alphabetical sound used for healing are the mantras usually. There are thousands of mantras used for different purposes. The non-alphabetical is mere sound which do not comprise letters in it. The churping of the birds sooths us. This is non-alphabetical for us. There are many sounds which man uses to express his opinion without any word. Like saying mmmm., eeeeeeeeee to express pain & so on. There is even possibly of a language unknown to one becomes non-alphabetical. If a person is not familiar with the place of pronunciation of a sound or the letters of the language, the sound is mere sound rather than an alphabetical speech. Usually people who use mantras of the unfamiliar language, utters them as sounds rather than any orderly language letters. Yet miraculously the power of sound heals.

Another form of sound healing is the chanting of mantras.

Mantra Chanting:

Mantras are sacred sound syllables from the vedic tradition. For thousands of years they have been refined to impart healing powers for spiritual development and total rejuvenation of mind and body. The mantras are energy based sounds and thought based waves. Mantras mean purifying the mind. Each Mantra is a store house of infinite divine power and all mantras are equally powerful. Mantras also work according to one’s karma and positive and negative energy that were accumulated. Repetition of Mantras set up vibrations that activate the chakras whereby there is an even flow of beneficial energy in the body. Mantras can be used in Single or in combination with others for the healing process. This ancient form of sound healing consist of the repetition of specific words, either sung or spoken, to attain different states of consciousness, balance the chakras or to heal specific physical or psychological conditions. Bija mantras, which are Sanskrit words consisting of single syllable sounds. Numbering seven, they correspond to the seven chakras or energy centers of the body described in Hindu, Sufi and other Eastern philosophies. The syllables and their – correspondences are:

LAM – the root (the area of the groin)

VAM – the belly (between the navel and pubic bone)

RAM – the solar plexus

YAM – the heart

HAM – the throat

OM – between the eyebrows (also known as the third eye)

Silence – crown


Our sound should gradually proceed step by step from loud (para), to moderate (pasyanti), moderate to mild (madhyama) & mild to silence (vaikhari). ―As Kundalini moves up, first it is parâ, then pashyanti, then madhyamâ and lastly vaikhari – in the sound branch. In the light branch, it becomes infra-red, visible light, ultra-violet, and the invisible black, cold light of x-rays, gamma-rays, cosmic rays, and matter waves. So, after the sound ceases, comes light. After light ceases, awareness persists. This reveals the sound must gradually decline to silence. This is a state of sound in silence.

Acoustic instruments are another area of application for sound healing. Some of these, like Tibetan bowl, gongs or crystal bowls. All of them are played on or near the body, to create balance and harmony.

Levels of healing:





Physical healing

 The body has its own frequency. Each organ is vibrating at a different frequency. For any reason it may be, if the frequency of any organ changes the problem is for sure to arise. Any kind of disparity in the frequency creates health issues. Thus the science of frequency talks about bringing back the frequency of the organ to the normal state by another frequency. How do we go about it? The science of vibrations could be helpful here. The vibrations created by the object when reaches any target, the target receives the same mode of vibration. Like when 4 | P a g e one hits the ball on the metallic plate, the plate starts vibrating. The mantra or sound when reaches the target area, the organ in the body, vibrates the body. This vibration encounters with the existing vibrations within the body. Thus creating a new state of the vibrations of the body & organ at large. Which vibratory sound do we need to use for what kind of change is a vast field of knowledge.

Each organ possess it own frequency. Thus which sound or letter should we use to modulate frequency of which organ is a special science. The yogis with their special knowledge can apprehend this. They have given different kinds of mantras for different kinds of ailment, & different kinds of organs too. Thus their extra sensory perception can reach beyond eyes & below the skin. Here are a few healing mantras for different diseases— Kidney- Hraing Thyroid – Hraang Heart – Hring Digestive system – Hrung This signifies the relation of the frequency of the letters or sound with that of the body systems.

Mental healing

The problem of mind has survived since ancient times. The distracted mind & the slow functioning are major issues of mind. Sound is the tool used by mind to help its distraction. Can we ever imagine to think  without a word or a sound. We imagine, think, have memory, all take the help of word, this is not uttered externally but do exist internally. The sound distracts mind. The definition of the distracted mind is mind with the word or thought or sentence. A mind without any word is still & stable, it is the thoughtless mind. We can use sound itself to stabilize it too. This problem of mind has been searched through sound. Transformation of the state of mind could be possible here. There are certain mantras which resonate the brain directly. Most of the Sanskrit mantras have a nasal sound. The brain has a direct impact of the letters pronounced with the nasal sound. The impact of Om mantra on the brain is significantly proved, not merely by the mechanical tools but by the living experience of the man. This helps to focus & relax the mind. Focus sharpens the mind & relaxation widens the spectrum of mind. The sound changes the wave frequency of the brain. The brain changes to the alpha state of mind. The transition from the beta to alpha wave stage is unique.

Emotional healing

We are born with the instinct of emotions. A child cries, screams, gets angry, these are not taught in any school yet one knows all this & more. The child knows as to which muscles are to be twisted or regulated in which pattern to express anger. How loud & with which sound should one express once scream. This is basically because of instinct. The problem with our emotions is, if we are born with instinct why should be try to change them or modify them? To have a better understanding of this, we need to apprehend a difference between instinct & Nature. Instinct is not nature or natural. Instinct is a record of our history. It is not our true original form. We thus need to check, if any of our historical record is worth keeping or demands change. As was our past action, so shall be our record or karma. As is our record of karma so shall be our present status of emotions & other life accessories. The consciousness does not have the power to undo what has been done. But the power to transform, rectify the action is always possible. Here by the power of sound we can transform our emotions, change them, calm them or replace them with the other. There are different emotions, each having a seat or a place of manifestation & residence in the body. Sound needs to be sent to that particular site to workout the transformation.

Anger1 – Namo Arahantanam – Tejas Kendra (Navel)

Ego – Namo Arahantanam – Ananda Kendra (Heart)

Deceit – Namo Arahantanam –Vishuddhi Kendra (Throat)

Greed – Namo Arahantanam – on the palate.

Same sound in different places has a different result. We do experience this when we speak. Our speech is as per our environment. So is the case here. The sound could be a universal healer. It functions in different areas as need be. Sound has the power to play the role of mono-healer. It changes the secretions of thymus when recited at the heart chakra, controls the secretion of adrenaline when sent to the navel chakra. It regulates the thyroid secretion in the throat. This single sound can play multi roles. This need not be considered that sound is one or only one sound is effective. There are different sounds healing different emotions too. Like for depression the mantra ―om hrim namo siddhanam‖2 is very effective. Thus each sound has many potentials & possibilities hidden within it, further there are many kinds of sound too. Thus sound here is used to free the consciousness from the bondage of instinct & bring it to a stage of nature, its pure form. The pure state is a state of positive emotions. the state of compassion, peace, tranquility.

Spiritual healing

The worst fate of a being is not being able to explore & experience its unfathomable powers. The consciousness possess the infinite power of cognition, bliss & energy. These potentials remain unknown & dormant. The story of a rich man, walking on the streets with a begging bowl is more tragic than merely being poor. Man with his infinite potentials confines one self with the finite potentials. The body guards our consciousness. The soul is safe, encapsulated within the body. When there is rain or sun, every thing falls on the body. The soul remains protected within. But the same body hides our infinity too. This is slavery. This is ignorance. This is an attempt to keep the consciousness poor. Poor of its own infinite treasure.

We have layers of body, mind, emotions, & the unknown karmas too which we don‘t exceed. The sound can go beyond the skin, penetrate these layers. Science has developed laser therapy. The rays reaches the area & heals the organ. These are electromagnetic rays. Sound is also a different kind of rays. They are waves created by matter. The sound has the power to penetrate within the layers & help reach the pure self. Experience the infinite. It goes beyond the body, penetrates through the layers of mind, emotions & further most the layer of the karma. Having penetrated through this we reach the soul.

The sound is to help us reach the soundless. We start with the sound only to reach the soundless of the soul. The soul is beyond sound. It is the conscious power. It is beyond material energy. To facilitate this we usually start the sound aloud, gradually make it mild, & ultimately resonate with the sound without even uttering it. Here the sound becomes a part of the system, we need not attempt it. We merely feel it. This leads to a state where in the vibrations cease to be. We reach to zero level frequency, zero vibrations. This is the state of pure soul.  This is spiritual healing.

Factors influencing the healing

  1. The place we choose for our sound therapy also makes a big difference. The pyramids are famous for this. The structures of the temples, church, & other religious places have special upper dome or triangularly pointed figure. The sound resonates in such environment. These multiply our energy. Further the structure of the posture we choose to stay stable in is also significant. The lotus posture forms the shape of a pyramid, triangle. This keeps our spine erect. The erect spine nourishes the brain with the full energy, has the best connections. This best connectivity of the spine & brain, brings in the best result.
  2. The way we perceive sound is dependent on both the physical aspects of the surroundings (acoustics) and the functionality of our brain (psychoacoustics). Each letter has its own place in the body. We need to know the perfect place & the perfect way to pronounce the sound. Which organ or organs must be used in which letter is significant. The letters are dental, labials, palatial & others. They must be pronounced accordingly. The Psychoacoustics is significant too. Our brain being focused & concentrated on the whole sound. We must hear the sound through the body rather than mere ears or brain. The complete engrossment of the brain makes the whole body reverberate with the sound. Further the deep concentration brings in a cosmic expansion of the self. Here the boundary of the body is lost. The finite vanishes & the infinite appears.

Eastern instruments, along with their fundamentals of vibrations and broad range of overtones help a listener/patient achieve relaxation, consciousness, and balance.  Singing bowls are often used in combinations with meditation. Tibetan healers choose specific tones proven to heal an illness syndrome based on clinical experimentation and observation. These ‘music interventions’ have been proven successful since the beginning of civilization.

Singing bowls were created for the sole purpose of usage in shamanistic rituals.  The shaman would be able to communicate directly to the mute individual through the voice of the singing bowl and its resonating overtones.  The shamans were able to visualize the disturbance of the muted individual’s spirit through the singing bowl.  Not only did the singing bowl allow the shamans to assess the spirits of others, but it also allowed them to permeate communication boundaries to the heavens and the underworld.  In addition, the sound of the singing bowls worked as purification to the shamans.

Sound is a special power which works as per the quantum physics & beyond. As per quantum physics, everything is in the mode of wave. Each wave has a power to influence the other. This is all unique. We can change one wave by the other. This is the technique we use to heal. Further sound energy is used to transcend one self. It escalates the consciousness to the level where in we reach beyond sound, to the state of bliss. Thus sound is used to go beyond sound. Here the vibrations are absent. We reach beyond quantum, a state beyond waves and vibrations. Vibration means motion or action or change, we reach to a state of non-change, non-vibrations, only bliss.




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