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Personal Experience of our Student

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Hi everyone,
Well, for a start… I am from Singapore. What else can I say, but I love yoga. Hmmm … Should love it or maybe must love it cos I have been trying to get to where I am now, in Rishikesh, India almost completing a TTC 200+300 course for many years. I am 60 years old, a Regional eCommerce Consultant/ Project Manager based in Shanghai, China. I have been considering completing my dream of yoga training since I was in my late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.
When I finally found the time and opportunity, I took it and the first steps were extensive research in to locality and schools. I decided on Rishikesh and Om Yoga International out of 34 other schools. A strong yoga fundamental, commitment to tradition, value for investment and a complete curriculum helped in my choice.
Since it was my first trip to India and time was at premium, I decided to commit in depth for a 500 TTC wake up for lost time 🙂

Teacher Training Courses (TTC) are the way to go if you want an in depth and thorough experience in yoga, and it also comes with an international certification. I arrived in Delhi airport to transit over to Dehradun to be picked up by an assigned taxi, arranged by the school, to bring me to Rishikesh, there was no “culture shock” (as I was living in China for many years 🙂 and the ride went smoothly.

My first impression of the Ashram was that Spartan but sufficient. I wasn’t looking for a resort, but a yogic lifestyle. I wanted true yoga culture and tradition. I actually was expecting a cave in a mountain.

The theoretical classes were interesting too. I had in depth sessions of philosophy straight from Patanjali’s sutras and yoga therapy on how asanas can affect your well-being. It was all presented in English and in a comprehensive and manner.

The whole experience was unique as everything was different from where I first learned yoga. I had 1.5 years of yoga experience and I was ‘good’ at it, but it’s all about asanas. It was unique here at Om cos it’s not all about asanas (small part, big contribution). It was also really unique cos it’s not about being ‘good’ but more of being ‘correct’ (i.e. correct postures, correct alignment, correct attitude, correct lifestyle, correct state of mind 
The teachers were unique too! Big personalities displayed in their favorite asanas (e.g. scorpion, kukutasana), but no egos in the interaction with me 🙂

The operational support was okay. It’s a small operation catered to a small cohort of students, so it’s focused. The meals are different for me at a start, but its nutritious and energy-giving. Most importantly, its yogic lifestyle.

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