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Physical Benefits of Surya Namaskar

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Surya Namaskar or commonly known today as Sun Salutation is a yoga practice that has been incorporated by various yoga schools around the world. When we do this process, we bow down to the one supreme source that illuminates our existence everyday- The sun. Apart from that, this practice offers excellent benefits to the human system. In ancient times, many yogis and rishis practiced this process to gain not only physical but mental and spiritual benefits. It can be a great addition to your current workout/yoga session or if you are just beginning, this practice is a great set of exercise by itself. So, here are some of the amazing ways that Surya Namaskar works for our system.

Improves blood circulation throughout the body: The holistic process of Surya Namaskar allows movement and blood circulation in all areas of your body and brain with its 12 diverse set of asanas. It stimulates all our systems and proper blood flow helps to nourish all our cells, tissues and organs. This practice can help strengthen the digestive system, regulate menstrual cycles for women, improve immunity and induce weight loss too.

Healthier Skin and hair: Asanas in Surya namaskar facilitate proper blood circulation due to which our dry cells and brain cells get good nourishment. As a result, we get skin and hair that are healthier from the inside. Practicing Surya namaskar everyday keeps the mind healthy and body beautiful.

Strengthens and tones muscles: This practice can be done at your own pace. Some people like to do it fast and some people like to do it slow. Either of them works excellently to build body strength and tone your muscles if you keep at it everyday with discipline. Its asanas are so intelligently designed that they are a complete stretching exercise in itself. Not only that, when done at a fast pace they act as a great cardiac workout.

Increases Lung capacity for breathing: Surya Namaskar improves our breathing capacity through its asanas. When you hold each asana and pair it with deep breathing it also acts as a stress reliever on your muscles. Surya Namaskar can be done at a slow pace with each position being used to relieve stress on various parts of the body while also allowing your lungs to breathe in and out better.

Promotes Mental health and stability:  Surya Namaskar helps the mind to relax consciously. This practice like many other yoga processes works on self-awareness, concentration and sharp focus. The mind body breath connection makes you calmer and stable mentally. According to American Psychological Association, yoga is now considered to be one of the effective methods used for psychotherapy.

Surya Namaskar is an ancient process that has been carried through by yogis from generation to generation, owing to its innumerable physical mental and spiritual benefits. This practice like any other yoga needs to be done accurately with precision and thud needs guidance. One needs to be aware of conditions, timings and steps of care before practicing it. This practice is taught by well trained professionals in our ashram where you can learn in a guided environment and benefit from it.

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