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Yoga sessions can turn out to be relaxing, rejuvenating, physically intense or very energetic. Sometimes it can build you up for quite an appetite. It is really important to eat healthy mix of food that provide the right nutrients to kick start the day depending on how active you will be on that day. One great way to add nutritional value to your breakfast is through your morning drink. We have come up with some of our favorite concoctions that you could indulge your tastes in as well as enjoy a health benefit. Here goes!

1.Lemon honey ginger: This mixture could be a perfect “add on” after your meditation session in the morning because it has a soothing effect on your nerves. It is a great anti-inflammatory drink that also boost your immune system. It’s the easiest, quickest detox and specially during the winter months, the delicious honey and ginger aids in warming the body.

2. Dried ginger, coriander seeds and pepper tea: Traditional to the lands of Southern India, the major ingredient in this drink is dry ginger added to some coriander seeds, crushed black pepper and some cumin seeds. This drink can be taken s a beverage after a meal for its digestive properties or to relieve a sore throat. To sweeten the mixture, a hint of normal jaggery or palm jaggery can also be added.

3. Strawberry and banana smoothie: Super easy to make and super yummy to taste, this drink can be made to replenish your body with the nutrients from these healthy fruits. To add more flavor, you can top the drink with grated coconut or your favorite nuts and raisins. It is a perfect addition to your breakfast after an energetic yoga session on a summer day.

4. Avocado smoothie: With banana or yoghurt or both as base you can add in some avocado chunks, and sweeten it with honey for a heavy but tasty smoothie for breakfast. You can add in some chopped pistachios for some extra nutrients. This smoothie is packed with good fiber and healthy fats from the avocado and can be a great mixture after an intensive workout or an advanced asana packed yoga session.

5. Coconut water: Nothing can replace water, but when it comes to coconut water it is a great way to keep yourself fresh and hydrated. If you feel tired after your morning yoga, or after a long travel during the day coconut water works very well with digestion as well as dehydration.


Whatever your pick is, let us know how it works for your routine daily. The best thing is you can customize it suit your own tastes and preference or the diet that you are currently on. The above options are a great addition and a small yet nutritious start to a healthier breakfast after your morning yoga.

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