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Becoming a morning person: Ways to wake up early

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The transition from a night owl to becoming an early bird might seem like a distant dream for a lot of us. Although it doesn’t happen overnight, it is definitely possible with a set pace and commitment overtime. Many successful people follow morning routines to get an early start on their day and they do it for good reasons too. Early morning risers attain numerous benefits; some of which are getting more tasks accomplished, staying healthy, better planning your day and taking advantage of the fresh morning energy around you. Maybe you will even have time to catch the sunrise and appreciate our beautiful nature. One important reason is perfectly summed up in the quote “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” So, no matter what your intentions maybe for waking up early, here are a few habits that may help you smoothly transition into the morning person you want to become.
1.Set your sleep time: It’s all about making a conscious decision to set a time to go to bed and sticking to it. The one thought that helps to pull you out of whatever you are busy with (phone, news, work, social media, get togethers etc.) is that thought about why you decided to sleep early.
2. Eat light: One reason why most people cannot sleep maybe because they overeat. This could cause heartburn and indigestion. Eating light on the other and can help to easily digest your food easily and allow you a healthy sleep.
3. Get a lot of exercise: We cannot stress more on this. A nice workout or a yoga session or just a walk in the park can keep your metabolism at better rates as most health and fitness experts suggest. Exercise improves your blood circulation, keeps you active and make you tired enough to transition into a good night s sleep.
4. Plan for the morning: Before you hit the bed, if you make a note of what you want to accomplish in the morning, it prepares you by setting a mental framework and motivation to wake up early. Usually if it something that you look forward to, it makes for a great motivation. For example, enjoying a cup of tea or getting a healthy breakfast or making time for your favorite activity.
5. Prepare for a good sleep: Many people stare at their phones until the last minute they fall asleep, or indulge in other activities that are meant to engage your mind. Cutting down screen time at least half hour before sleep, meditating, choosing a quiet place, taking a shower etc. are some activities that can induce sleep faster and better, allowing the body to wake up more energized.
6. Set an alarm and deactivate your snooze time: This goes without saying for people who are just beginning to wake up early that setting an alarm is an enormous help. An equally important help is if you don’t press your snooze button every time you wake up. Pacing yourself according to our own body and taking your time to setting the alarm just a little bit earlier is also one way to wake up early while respecting your body. Another tip could be to wake up to a soothing music instead of a startling noise. It also helps you wake up if you place your alarm further away from your bed.
All of us may have our own reasons to wake up early and the good news is that we can all do it in our own way. It is not necessary that what works from one person may have the same effect on the other. So each person can choose their own pace and their own method that personally suits their body and mental needs. However, commitment and perseverance to waking up early everyday must be maintained for permanent results because the result is worth all the effort.

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