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What is Stress? And How to manage stress?

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Stress is something that happens when a person has so much workload on his mind but he is unable to carry it out, so he feels burdened and as a result, gets stressed. Now question comes why human being has so much of workload?

In present time, because of increasing competition in this world each and every person wants to move ahead than another person may be it is in his personal life or whether it is professional life, he is just running in order to be ahead than the another in order to be more and more successfull. And another reason his increasing demands puts too much pressure on his mind, and he knows  that to fulfil the demands he has to work. So, person has overloaded himself with too much of work stress. Actually, if seen really he doesnot have too much of workload but he has made himself overloaded. So in all this scenario, when he sees he is unable to win the competition and become successfull and fulfil all his demands inspite of working so much, he feels stressed. Another reason is because of less patience, he wants to get quickly what he desires. But when unable to get, then he feels demotivated. And so he turns negative, thinking he doesnot have capacity to fulfil his desires or do something in his life. Now here we have to differentiate what is positive thinking and what is negative thinking? Having desires is not negative thinking but when those desires are not fulfilled, that makes the person feels demotivated and then makes him depressed and low energy, that is negative thinking. This negative thinking because of lack of patience is also a major reason of stress.


Now what is the reason why he is unable to win the competition, become successfull  or fulfil his increasing demands? This is a matter of understanding and awareness. Let us understand it. Each and every time a desire comes in the mind, person works to fulfil it, as soon as it is fulfilled, an another desire comes, when it gets fulfilled again some other desires rises. So, it continues, This is a matter of our daily experience. Now this cycle of desires continues. As much you fulfil, more it rises. These never gets over. And person never feels satisfied. These desires once fulfilled gives you a short term happiness and then leaves you at the initial position from where you had started when desire first came in the mind. So, it continues for our entire life but because of not being aware about this knowledge, that person can never satisfy himself from this material world. To satisfy himself, he has to stop running behind the desires and bring an understanding for these desires that it is impossible to fulfil everything that we expect. And regarding being successfull in life or wining the competition, he needs to understand there is no limit of this. For that, he needs to understand the meaning of successfull. Successfull doesnot mean you give your physical and mental health for money, fame and position. Infact real meaning of succesfull says how much healthy you are physically and mentally, that you are happy, satisfied in life with what you have. But problem is person leaves his health behind and gives more priority to success in his life where he has to suffer later on. So if seen in real terms this is actually not success. And what is the need of such success with which you earn money and fame by loosing this health and then use same money on the health.

Because of lack of this knowledge, understanding, patience, positive thinking and no awareness, human being suffers. He gets too much stressed and unable to cope up with it. So to manage this stress, one must bring awareness of each and very thing he is doing in his life and he expects in his life. In addition to awareness, he should have patience and positive thinking. This is the only way out. Now question is how to bring awareness? For this, one must practice Yoga daily:


  1. Eat sattvic food and balanced food. Not too much and not too less.
  2. Wake up and sleep at proper time.
  3. Do Asanas daily, if cannot do asanas atleast practice some rounds of Surya Namaskar daily.
  4. Do Pranayama daily.
  5. Meditate for few minutes everyday. This will bring relaxation to your mind. And will give you an inner ability to become aware about what you are doing and why you are doing. This will also bring patience and positive thinking.

Practicing all this daily, will help to increase awareness and mange the stress. Because stress is nothing but our thinking only. So, if i have a balanced thinking, i will never be stressed.


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