Yoga for Pregnancy Teacher Teacher Course Training In Rishikesh Haridwar India


200 Hour Yoga for Pregnancy Teacher Training In Rishikesh – Haridwar, India

Yoga is said to be an ideal preparation for labor and birth. It is also an excellent way to get back into shape after birth. The reason for this lies in yoga’s approach. 
In yoga the body is eased into alignment with the awareness of breath. And performing yoga poses with awareness creates a state of calmness. When a pregnant women feels inner clarity, her confidence grows. When she feels peaceful, her anxiety concerning the birth process decreases.
The mind becomes involved in the body movements. This focus allows the pregnant women to tune out the distracting forces around her during labor and to respond appropriately to the contractions.

Yoga provides a way to refine the movements of body. When first performing the poses, lady may feel slightly awkward and stiff. After practicing them over and over again, the body will stretch, adapt and gradually move into alignment. This is invaluable training, for labor is a very physical process. Knowing where you are tight or weak, and working on those areas, will help prepare the body for birth.
Hence, Prenatal(Yoga before birth) and Postnatal(Yoga after birth) Yoga helps to adjust the physical demands of labor, birth, and motherhood.

Pregnancy Yoga is divided normally in two stages nowadays - Prenatal Yoga(Yoga before child's birth) and Postnatal Yoga(Yoga after child's birth). But in our Vedic Indian Tradition, it had been divided in 3 stages - Yoga before Pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy. So, we at Om Yoga under Prenatal Yoga teach it in two stages - Yoga before Pregnancy and during Pregnancy.

Yoga Before Pregnancy: has been given a lot of importance in our Vedic culture. It is seen nowadays, people give birth to child without being fully prepared. Educated people still have started thinking about this but uneducated or unaware people have only focus on giving birth to children. But our Vedas says before Pregnancy, the parents should ponder upon various things: 1. Are they both fully prepared for child or not? 2. Are both physically as well as mentally healthy? 3. What type of mental level they want for their child? To have a child, first both parents must be ready from inside to have the child. If anyone of them is not ready, it is better to wait. And also they must have a clear mindset about what type of mental level they wish for the child? Before going for conceiving, first both should consult a doctor about their physical well being and must focus on their mental well being. Because at time of conceiving, physical and mental level of both plays a great role. If anyone of them feel physically or mentally they are not healthy, it is better to wait for some time first and when they feel are fully realxed, then must go on for child. Because if any of the parent is not physically or mentally healthy, so child also suffers. So, Yoga before Pregnancy is very very important.

Yoga During Pregnancy: Now comes the time when lady conceives, these days are still more crucial for both of them. Because this time lady suffers from many physical and mental challenges. Here both of them needs to pay a much more attention than before. As our Vedas says the child learns many things inside the mother's womb. For this, many expamples have been cited in our Vedas which we teach in our course like Ashtavakra(who had taken all the knowledge of vedas inside mother's womb from his father and after coming out, had given the great teaching of ashtavakra geeta to great king Janaka Ji), and King Kans who was son of very religious parents but when he was in his mother's womb, one day she was taking a walk in the garden outside, but unfortunately, the same time demon Durmil was also present there and his shadow fall upon his mother which had a great impact on the child present inside that made him a such a cruel king when he came on this planet and like this many more. From this it is clear how atmosphere affects the child inside. Good atmosphere also affects and bad atmosphere also affects. So, mother needs to take a lot of care in these days. Specially, what type of mental level you require for your child, are you giving him that atmosphere or not? It is very important to have a look that time. Each and every action of a mother affects her child. Her good thinking also affects and her bad thinking also affects her child. Her good actions or bad actions also put affect on her child. Like doctor says mother's physical health decides the physical health of a child. Similarly, her mental health also affects the mental state of her child. So, lifestyle of a mother is of utmost importance. It is seen nowadays, people do think before for a child that are they prepared or not? But during the pregnancy this thing is not taken in account. Even eduated parents fail in this. Very rare people are seen who knows about it. That how the physical and mental level of mother affects the physical and mental level of her child.  It is very important to be aware what type of lifestyle is good for a mother? What should be her mental level? What type of people stay around you? For ex., you want your child to be a good person with positive thinking, not of disturbed mind, very intelligent, but mother in those days stays in an environement where every moment there are fights, negative people stay around, speaking lies, cheating others. So acc. to the thinking you had for your child you are unable to provide him a compatible atmosphere. This results is having a bad effect upon your child. So, this child will learn many negative things instead of positive things inside the womb itself. So, if you want your child should be a good person, mother should think good, stay around more nice people. These things are very important. Ofcourse practice of some required asanas , pranayama or meditation helps to relax the mind and be prepared for normal delivery.

Our course helps the mother to be ready for pain the delivery process. Nowadays, delivery is done through two ways: one is normal delivery and another is through C-Section. Normal delivery is ofcourse the better one and every lady wants to go through this stage. But this fact very much depends upon what type of life she has been living in the previous 9 months or whatever time. In this, Yoga has a lot of impact. Yoga with the help of many breathing and relaxation and meditation techniques prepares the mother for normal deivery rather than c-section. This also helps her to bear the pain she faces at that time. As this is tme most tough time for the lady because it is said the pain that oocurs to a lady at this time is equal to thw bite of 100 scorpions. So, this is very painful. By daily practicing yogic kriyas, she becomes physically and mentally strong that she learns to manage it. We here at Om Yoga teach many different yogic techniques which help her to go through the stage of normal delivery only.

Yoga After Pregnancy: Now comes the time when your child has come in this world. Here, again many things accounts. Giving proper care to the child, giving him a good environment what you desire for him. Keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy is again very important. Because if now again mother is not physically or mentally relaxed, aloong with her, her child also suffers.

This Yoga for Pregnancy Teacher Training Course has a duration of total 30days (4 weeks). This course is very effective for ladies specially. And Yoga is very much required to have a complete knowledge about the birth process of a child.  We at OM YOGA tell the ancient techniques followed by our sages for upbringing their children right from the time they were not even in the mothers womb. From the time they were prepared to have a child till the time the child was born and even later upto he grew. This is the main speciality followed at our center to guide the pregnancy timing.


Benefits of Yoga for Pregnancy

Physical Benefits:
 •    reduce low back pain 
                               •    improve blood circulation
                               •    reduce water retention
                               •    strengthen the pelvic muscles
                               •    relieve digestion problems such as nausea, constipation and gas
                               •    help you manage blood pressure 
                               •    help you overcome fatigue
                               •    help you cope with labour pain or experience less pain. 

Emotional Benefits:
                               •  Meditation and breathing techniques can help you relax and cope with stress or anxiety.
                               •  Meditation may help you deal with mood swings and increase your sense of wellbeing and self-awareness.
                               •  Focusing on your baby while meditating helps you bond with your little one.
                               •  Pranayama can train the mind to stay calm and manage pain better, thereby making delivery easier for you.
                               •  Relaxation techniques may help to reduce anxiety during labour, and improve postnatal depression.



At Om Yoga International, we have well – specialised experts for prenatal and postnatal yoga who teach yoga for pregnancy specifically under their due attention. Our Teacher Training course is held under the supervision of our Ayurvedic Doctor Dr. Avadhesh Mishra.
In our course, emphasis is made on how the parents should be pre prepared for the baby. What the mother should take care during pregnancy and even after pregnancy. What precautions she should take physically and mentally, all these things are taught in the class.


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